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There was a time that I would suggest that in order to be “marriage material”, one should be well-educated, generous, polite, have good family relationships, and be self-supporting.  I think my view has changed.

Tuesday as I was driving back from the coast my Jeep was making a racket that I didn’t recognize…but it didn’t sound good.  So I took it to the garage on Wednesday, hoping that the mechanics would find an easy (and inexpensive) solution to the noise.  So it was with horror that I heard my mechanic’s first message:  Just to diagnose the problem for sure (he thought it was a faulty oil pump) would involve dropping the oil pan, which necessitated dropping the front differential in my 4-wheel drive vehicle.  Translation:  This would be about a 6 billable hour task…over $500 just to find out my Jeep was sick.

Today the work is ongoing, but the oil pump is definitely out, and it caused a blown piston, and other as yet determined damage.  I’ll know more on Monday.  Damage-wise and cost-wise.

After growing up with a father who could fix practically everything with an engine, and marrying two men who found changing oil in the car challenging, I have found myself at the mercy of my mechanic more times than I can count.  So now I am going to revise my “marriage material” criteria to add “automotive technician” to the list of desirable attributes.  Mr. (or Ms.) Right might be harder to find in the first place, but will be worth his or her weight in gold when your car breaks down.