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This summer has been very disconcerting as I wrapped up my Creative Memories business and anticipated the new company that would emerge.  I stressed over products that were no longer available, and was afraid of what might lie ahead.  Now that our beloved company is being relaunched as “Ahni & Zoe by Creative Memories”, I have been thinking anew about my “why”.  Why is it important that pictures end up in albums?  Why must I continue to encourage people to tell the stories behind their pictures?  Why are high-quality products essential?

As quite often happens, I found the answer to my “why?” this morning in the heart of my youngest granddaughter.  This morning Olivia was looking at her great-grandmother’s photo album from the 1940’s, now falling apart from age.  She kept asking who various people were, and I told her those that I knew, but over and over I had to answer with, “I don’t know, honey.”  Very few of the pictures were labeled, and those who could have identified them died long ago.  Such a sad experience compared to her own albums, where the stories are told and the people are identified, and she knows how important a place they hold in her little life!

So to revisit my “why?”:  It is important that pictures end up in albums because they help our children find their own special place in the universe…right in the middle of their family.  And they need more than just a name.  Telling the story through journaling that accompanies the pictures broadens their understanding of who they are, and where they came from.  Not just “I look like Aunt Melody”, but “I look like Aunt Melody and I love the ocean the way she does!”  And of course, we need high quality products for our pictures so that they won’t deteriorate with age and handling.

With Ahni & Zoe by Creative Memories, I am going back to my album-making roots:  Simple albums, minimal embellishments, shared stories.  I’m not going to be frustrated by a lack of the “extras” that I don’t need, but enjoy telling my stories, and helping others learn to do the same.

I invite you all to come with me.