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Tomorrow marks a full week since I took my Jeep into the garage to figure out what was causing the awful noises coming from its engine.  The news is not good…failed oil pump, blown piston, mechanic still searching for suitable replacement pieces.  Patience, grasshopper…

Having one working vehicle for three adults with things to do and places to go (and children to be delivered hither and yon) has become quite a challenge.  No longer do I “run to the store” spontaneously.  My driving has become much more intentional, activities more focused.  My husband who lives across town has been very generous with loaning his car, but we are planning two or three days out so that no appointments are missed and everyone who needs to be somewhere (dance lessons, preschool, school, work) gets there.

So I have been thinking about women and children in countries where vehicles are a rarity, not to mention a luxury.  Women and children who spend their days walking about searching for firewood, or fetching water, children who can’t go to school because they have no shoes, girls who can’t go to school because the schools have no bathroom facilities for them and it isn’t proper for them to use the bushes as the boys do.

I am grateful that we live where we do, where we can take for granted our ability to feed and clothe our children, and get them to school.  Sure, I’m stressing about where I will find the money to pay my mechanic.  But I know that my grandchildren won’t go hungry, no matter what.  They don’t face wild animal attacks on their way to school, and there are no poisonous snakes or other critters lurking beneath their beds.

Tonight, as every night, I am counting my blessings.