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When I looked at today’s NaBloPoMo writing prompt (I was desperate for a subject), I was momentarily stumped.  What was I?  A morning person or a night owl? 

Truth is, I am both.  Too many years ago to count, my then-husband worked rotating hospital shifts:  two weeks days, two weeks nights, two weeks graveyards, and start over again.  We had a small baby who kept his own hours no matter what, and only one car.  If I wanted a car to drive during working hours, I took my husband to work and then picked him up afterwards.  So my schedule changed to fit his…and the baby’s.  In other words, when our son napped, I napped.  As long as I got four or five hours in every 24, I did okay.  If they were all in a row I didn’t know how to act!

Later, living by myself, I slept with my bedroom blinds open to the rising sun in the east, and loved waking up bright and early to the sounds of the birds and the toads.  Morning was time for tea and a book, a soul-replenishing quiet time. 

Now that I am living with school children again, I have taken on the task of getting them up and ready for school.  I’m already up, and their mother quite often works on into the evening (and she has never been a morning person!).  I love starting the day with these bright faces who know good things are going to happen because they are headed to their favorite place:  school! 

At the same time, peace and quiet comes at night, after the girls are in bed.  Sometimes I watch a favorite television show and doze off and on.  Sometimes I sit with a book until my eyes grow heavy.  Most nights I’m on my computer until sometime after midnight, keeping up with friends, family, and following an ever-expanding list of favorite bloggers and computer games. 

By the time I head to bed, I’m ready for sleep; I can’t remember the last time I stayed awake long enough to finish my prayers.  It is a lovely routine, burning the candle at both ends, and very satisfying.