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I almost didn’t get here tonight.  It was one of those days where I had a zillion errands to do, both girls to take to and fetch home from school (on opposite sides of town), with household tasks tucked in between.  And then there were the computer games.

I must admit to a horrible computer game habit.  I enjoy them enormously — even though I have been stuck on Level 181 in Candy Crush Saga for weeks and weeks!  Part of my rediscovery of embroidery, as well as my daily blogging, has been in a conscious effort to loosen the ties to the computer games and accomplish something with more visible results than a higher score than one or more of my friends.

However, I had been working on a game challenge off and on all week, and the time was running out.  So tonight I just dug in and played until I was finished.  It was fun.  It was satisfying.  It was indulgent.  And it was good.

Sweet dreams, dear ones.