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I love weddings.  I love big fancy ones, small intimate ones, traditional ones, and quirky ones.  And I especially love a wedding where either the bride or groom is someone I have known since they were tiny, and have been able to watch them grow into a wonderful adult.

Tomorrow I get to go to one of those very special weddings.  I have known the groom since before he was born…his mom and I were pregnant together…and he has always had his own place in my heart.  The bride is a delightful young woman, and I have enjoyed getting to know her over the past several years.  Her love has helped her groom grow from a hesitant, somewhat self-conscious young man into a marvelously confident adult.  They are a terrific team.

Theirs will be a small, quirky wedding; the wedding and reception will share the same venue, and their getaway car will be their tandem bicycle.  The world will become a better place when bathed in their love.