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As this Thanksgiving Week begins, I am counting so many blessings.  Sitting here in my cozy bedroom with my granddaughters asleep under their blanket tent in the next room and their parents heading to bed across the house, I am grateful to be in the heart of this family.  I look forward to a Thanksgiving visit from my precious son and his sweet girlfriend, and a quick stopover by my dad and little brother.  There is nothing better than being with family, unless it is being with family during the holidays!

I am grateful to be healthy enough to get up Thanksgiving morning for the Race Against Hunger with my daughter, raising money for Foodlink of Tulare County.  It is hard to imagine the level of hunger that exists here in the richest agricultural area in the world.  I appreciate every small opportunity to help share food with those in need.

I am thankful for the written word and a love of reading.  I spent many hours today deeply engrossed in a novel shared yesterday by a friend.  I’m down to the last two chapters, and will finish it before sleeping tonight.

And I am thankful for you, for choosing to read my musings and share your thoughts with me.  I hope my words give you pleasure, or make you think in different directions.

Sweet dreams.