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Today has been filled with “busyness”, and with two hours left, I have about three hours of prepping-for-the-holiday tasks to do!  The beds are all freshly made and the granddaughters will be sleeping in my bed so their uncle can have their room.  We are all anxiously awaiting his arrival from Southern California.  I wish he lived across the street!

I’m heading into the kitchen to make fudge and cook the frozen pie…yes, Sara Lee does a better job with pie than I do!  Some cranberry sauce will give the house the proper Thanksgiving smell, and making it is one of my traditions carried on from my mother.  Once we finish the Race Against Hunger and are back home again, orange rolls will start off Thanksgiving morning (thank you, Poppin’ Fresh), and then the teamwork will begin.  I love the way my daughter, my son’s girlfriend, and I work as a team in the kitchen.  The conversation is easy and laughter-filled, and my heart overflows with happiness.

I hope wherever you are, you are with loved ones, toasty and warm.  Please remember those who are not as fortunate, and be a blessing to all you meet.