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I’m running on empty tonight.  Started out the day with lots of ambitious plans to clear out and rearrange my bedroom, but only succeeded in the “dragging out” part.  The putting away never happened, and my bed is covered with boxes and storage bins.  It looks like this will be a sleeping-on-the-living-room-couch night for me.

My daughter, on the other hand, single-handed completely rearranged her master bedroom, walk-in closet, and bath today.  My contribution to the project was to hang up a few pieces of clothing, dump some trash, and load the “donate” bags into the car to take to the Rescue Mission’s thrift store.  And I gave lots of moral support, of course.

Tomorrow’s weather forecast calls for a slight warming trend, and sunshine all day.  I hope it will give me the boost I need to finish what I started today.

Sweet dreams.