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Today was an Advent kind of day.  One of those days that was spent in anticipation of Christmas…although not only in the religious sense.  For a week the girls had been anticipating an evening driving around looking at lighted Christmas displays.  We were supposed to go last night, but there was too much going on.  I was secretly glad it was postponed, because I loved sleeping in this morning, having a lazy Saturday at home, then going out.

About 6:30 the girls changed into warmer clothes, put on their jackets, and got into the car.  After wrapping them up all toasty in blankets, we were off (yes, I could imagine them snuggled in for a sleigh-ride through the snow).

There are some very fancy neighborhoods in town, but that is not where we went.  We started on our own street, where probably three-fourths of the houses are lighted this year.  Then we cruised to a ritzier neighborhood to the south, and were surprised at how few houses had lights.  But those that did had gone all out!

We ventured farther south, to the neighborhood by my old apartment.  As they have for the past several years, there are about six houses in a row with yards filled with blow-up displays of Santas, reindeer, elves, etc., that are quite delightful.  Olivia was looking for “the reindeer with the red nose”, but we couldn’t find him.

Finally we headed home, as tempers were beginning to flare in the back seat and the driver was getting tired.  As we drove down our own street we found the elusive Rudolph in a neighbor’s front yard, where he had been all along.

We will wander out again in a few nights, but this time we will be heading to the west side of town to visit the famed “Grinch House”.  We visited it last year and I “sort of” remember where it is, but getting there will be half the fun.

I hope the lights of Christmas are shining brightly for you this year.