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This afternoon as I was scanning my email inbox I found a new “follow” notification, and was amazed to find that Splitting Doubles had just become my 650th follower.  I still remember how astonished I was by the 100th…and that wasn’t too long ago.  It is with great gratitude that I am starting 2014 with such a lovely group of people who at least occasionally check in at Triggershorse.  It is very satisfying to think that my random musings may have relevance to others, tapping into their emotions or experiences in a positive way.  Thank you, each of you, for your visits here.  I appreciate the comments, too…I love it when my postings become conversations.

This new year started off very quietly with a good book and a cup of tea in my cozy corner of the couch, feeding the cousins’ cats and chickens,then taking down the Christmas lights outside while the girls ran around with crazy abandon in the winter sunshine.  I did quite a bit of blog-hopping, gaining inspiration from others on my blogroll (you can, too — just click on “blogs I’m following” below and start your journey). 

We recorded The Rose Parade earlier today, and enjoyed it this evening with HGTV’s Property Brothers calling the floats.  I still dream of watching it live in Pasadena one year.  We came close to going a couple of times when I was a kid, but it never happened.  The highlight of the evening was Miss Olivia nearly flooding the bathroom while taking her bath…I’m talking water all the way to the bathroom door.  “I didn’t think I was splashing, Grammy,” she said innocently as I mopped up water with towels.

Tomorrow I will think more about where I want to be this time next year, and what I need to do in preparation.  But today was a “breather” day, and it was good.