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Have you ever had a day where each professional sports team you follow won their game? Today was one of those days, and I am very grateful.

I’m not a rabid professional sports fan, although I am known to get very excited during the WNBA season. But I haven’t really followed NFL football since Trent Dilfer retired from playing and became a broadcaster (Bulldog born, Bulldog bred). The rest of my housemates are big time San Diego Chargers fans, however, and today they won the first of their Wild Card playoff games, playing in frozen/rainy Green Bay Wisconsin instead of sunny California. Jubilation abounding!

Following that game, the San Francisco 49ers also won their game, and continue advancing through the play-offs. Said granddaughter #1 looking at the straw-colored playing field, “Why isn’t the grass green, Grammy?” “It is frozen, honey,” I answered.

Then to complete the trifecta, the San Jose Sharks hockey team won their game in a shoot-out, 3-2.

It doesn’t get better than this!