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Since I may soon
be laid to rest,
Give these to those
I loved the best.

To Melody give my favorite pictures,
To Donnie my teddy bear,
So that when at these they gaze,
They may feel me there.

To Mama give back
Her Katie doll,
Also my silverware.

To Daddy give my bank account,
Although it’s almost empty,
The rest dispense to whom you
It really doesn’t matter.

Now since this chore
Is finally done,
Goodbye sweet world,
I’ve got to run.
– Fawn Pender

I just found this in a booklet of poetry written by students in my 7th grade English class at Del Vallejo Jr. High, San Bernardino, CA., in 1961 (I was one of the students). And yes, I’m still keeping the booklet.