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Earlier this week we bought a bunk-bed/desk/dresser/fantasy-world-for-little-girls. It was installed in their bedroom this evening with much excitement on the part of the girls, and some trepidation on the part of the grown-ups. The Big Sister is sleeping on the top (twin) bunk, and the Little Sister is on the bottom (double, for now) bunk.

In the hour since prayers we have had giggling, uproarious laughter, squeals of delight, bonked heads (the little one), bonked knees on the ladder (the big one), and tears. What there hasn’t been are girls actually trying to go to sleep.

Daddy just came in to be the enforcer, told them good-night one last time, and shut the door. Small whispers of “I’m scared down here all by myself,” have been followed by silence. Could it be that they are actually asleep? Or are they lying there quietly plotting the tent they will build tomorrow morning? No, they are combining forces, with both girls on the bottom bunk together.

Change is a process.