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Today was a bonus day. Nothing extraordinary planned, no celebrations, just real life at its casual best. Even the weather cooperated; although the calendar says it is mid-winter, the temperature hit the mid-70’s with beautiful sunshine!

I awoke to little voices from the next room whispering about getting dressed early: “Let’s surprise Grammy!” The surprise was that they were nearly an hour away from the alarm going off, and were up and at it on their own. It was our turn to take coffee hour treats for church, so it was wonderful to be able to leave early without me growling at them. A lovely start to the day.

At “announcements” time, Lily explained her cookie dough fundraiser for school, and let the congregation know that if they were interested, she would have the order form at coffee hour. Our friends came through in a big way, and she was happily stunned by their orders. (She will hit up selected neighbors tomorrow.)

A neighbor’s yard sale was a great excuse to stop and visit for a few minutes that turned into nearly an hour. Somewhere along the way the guys started the barbecue, with delicious results for lunch. Then more barbecuing later, with melt-in-your-mouth roast, mashed potatoes, and yummy cornbread for dinner. And I didn’t have to cook any of it!

The football game was a bit disappointing, but since I didn’t truly have a team in the game no harm was done.

Adding to the beauty of the day was tomorrow’s school holiday, so everyone stayed up late (and the girls were asleep almost before their heads hit the pillows). Now the house is quiet and my latest book awaits.

Sleep well.