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“resiliency: the capacity to withstand stress and catastrophe”

I’m struggling tonight with a question: What is it that parents can do to give our children the gift of resiliency? What causes a child to grow up with the internal strength to deal with adversity and bounce back, rather than be forever damaged? Is it by accident they develop that strength, or is it in their personality, just waiting to emerge?

Both of my children are very resilient adults…they had very different childhoods and developed a variety of coping skills, but the end result is similar. They have struggled, overcome, struggled more, overcome more. And I as their mother have no idea what the “magic bullet” was that gave them that strength. I am grateful, but if I knew what the vital puzzle piece was I could be more intentional about sharing it with other parents and grandparents.

If you have some insights to share about this, feel free to leave your comments.