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I tried to play hooky from blogging today. I had every intention of just falling asleep watching “Hawaii Life” on HGTV and calling it a day by automatic pilot. But something drew me back to my computer for more than just a few video games, and here I am.

It is hard to explain what the lure is, why and how seeing my own words in print has become so compelling. But after nearly three months of visiting Triggershorse each evening, the habit has become engrained. I read somewhere long ago that it takes repeating an act twenty-two times before it becomes a habit. Well, I’ve done that and then some.

I hope my followers…now numbering nearly 780 adventurous souls…are enjoying their occasional glimpses into my head and heart. I know I love the comments I receive, and count myself so very fortunate to have discovered such a wonderful forum.

Sleep well, my friends.