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I really feel for anyone who must spend much time in the medical system. Today was pre-op day, and I was chauffeur and health-care decision-making designee. After the health-care form was signed, he says, “I’d better not piss you off, now that you have the authority to have me killed.” “I can’t have you killed,” I responded, “I can only decide what heroic measures they use to save you.”

The entire morning was spent hurrying up and waiting. Emphasis on the waiting. Nearly an hour to get an EKG, which was improperly done because of short cuts taken by medical staff, who then didn’t have the know-how to add more paper to the machine and repeat the procedure. Then an additional hour waiting in another facility for the requisite fasting blood work, said delays resulting in fourteen hours of fasting before all was said and done. And whomever designed the waiting room chairs should be either beaten or forced to sit in one for several hours at a time. In a waiting room that was adjacent to double-wide doors that welcomed the cold air every time someone went in or out. And I was well…just impatient…can you imagine how miserable a sick person would feel?

And after all morning spent in pre-op, we still don’t have a scheduled surgery time. That will be decided tomorrow. I guess there’s no rush…surgery is for the day after that. No point in rushing things.

End of rant today. Sleep well.