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After nearly three months in the shop, my Jeep was finally ready to come back home with me tonight. When last I saw it in the shop yard at Visalia German Automotive, it was absolutely filthy from sitting outside in the weather (with the side window open and a towel thrown across). I am grateful that the mechanic rinsed it off for me, but oh, the inside is so gross. I didn’t have the oomph to clean it out tonight, but I am just so thrilled to have it back.

I thought I had gotten past mourning my Creative Memories business, but when I pulled up outside the shop and caught a glimpse of my rear window with the familiar Creative Memories logo (now extinct and extraneous), I caught myself choking down a small sob. I haven’t removed the logo because it keeps my silver Grand Cherokee from looking exactly like all the other silver Grand Cherokees in the grocery store parking lot. Soon I will order the window signage for my new business with Close To My Heart.

Meanwhile, I will continue reacquainting myself with the bells and whistles of my jeep. Each car I have driven over the past few months has had the gear shift in a different place, the emergency brake with a different configuration, and the gas tank on a different side. I need to return to knowing exactly where everything is, so I can drive on automatic pilot. I appreciate the wonderful friends who shared vehicles with me or helped with my chauffeuring duties. It made all the difference in the world.

Life is back to normal. Hooray!