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After many months of plotting and planning, and great an…tici…pation…the amazing sister scrapping adventure begins tomorrow. I will pick my precious sister up at the airport around noon, go to Daddy’s for a short visit, and then check into our beachfront hotel (The Avila Lighthouse Inn) for the weekend. Rather like our Hawaii adventure two years ago, we will have no rules, no responsibilities, no children, no husbands. Just each other and a few (30 or so) similarly minded scrapbooking ladies gathered together for inspiration, creation, and just plain fun. And it all starts in only 12 more hours.

In preparation for our trip, hairs have been re-colored (mine), nails have been done (hers), suitcases have been (or nearly) packed, and projects have been gathered. Since she is flying, I am hauling tools, papers, albums, etc., by car. I have had as much fun guessing which papers she would enjoy as I have had choosing my own. Picking for someone else is always a kick…kind of the way we choose a special present for Christmas and then wait to see if the recipient is as thrilled with it as we were!

The only downside is the great possibility of waking up to a world enshrouded by fog tomorrow morning; we had rain today after nearly three dry months, so the fog is lurking. With any luck at all, it will get cold enough tonight to discourage it. It is rather ironic that, after praying so for rain, it comes just in time to potentially wreak havoc on my travel plans. But I refuse to stress out about it.

I will be doing updates throughout the weekend…watch this space for glimpses into our adventure.