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Last night was pretty crazy as I prepared for my big adventure to the Central Coast. My last trip outside confirmed my worst fears;following the afternoon’s rain, the fog was rapidly settling into our valley.My last conscious thought;as I was falling asleep was an addition to my bedtime prayers: Please, God, make the fog lift.

Fast forward an hour or so, when I was awakened by a huge clap of thunder, lightening brightening my room, and a terrified dog whimpering at my side. And the clattering noise — rain pounding on the roof, the walls, the sidewalks. Not just a little sissy sprinkle, as earlier in the day, but a “let’s get seriously wet” downpour.

Granddaughter #1 came in to tell me how the thunder had scared her awake as she fell out of her top bunk onto her sister’s bunk below. (The littlest one slept through the whole thing.) I got her settled in again, and tried to go back to sleep. But the dog had other ideas. He was so scared that he kept coming into my room for reassurance. I offered to let him out, but he wanted no part of that. He finally tried to get up on my bed (all 70 pounds of him).

Nearly an hour later I capitulated and moved into the living room for the rest of the night. The dog fell asleep with his nose nestled under my arm, finally feeling safe. And the raindrop lullaby soothed me to sleep, too, while it chased away the fog.

Sunrise showed a landscape freshly bathed and damp…soaked, puddled, and happy. Thank you, God, for sending your blessed rain. Please send more.