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Blue skies, choppy white-caps on blue ocean, cool breezes, winter sunshine…add these things to an airy room filled with women happily scrapbooking together, and the result is a wonderful weekend.

Couple all of the above with two sisters who have never tired of each other’s company (well, perhaps once or twice many, many years ago), and you have sheer delight.

The atmosphere at a typical scrapbooking retreat is akin to how I imagine a quilting bee must have been a generation or two ago…many hands working interdependently on personal or shared projects while stories eddy and flow from couples to tables to groups across the aisle. New friendships are made, old friendships are strengthened, ideas exchanged, new skills and techniques taught and learned. Beauty is created, lives are celebrated, generations honored by women who have chosen to put their regular daily routines “on hold” for a weekend of creativity and rejuvenation.

And tomorrow the good news will be shared…this weekend will not be the end of this particular retreat tradition. I was very excited when I heard that, and I hope the others in the room will feel the same.

But for now it is bedtime. Time to recharge the batteries and our creative juices, and sleep.