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For some reason, when I’m having fun with my family I have a hard time concentrating on writing. Yesterday’s posting time disappeared because we stayed so late at Daddy’s visiting that by the time we were back in our hotel room, it was already today! After staying up half the night visiting, we totally slept through the hotel’s breakfast, which gave us the perfect excuse for a pastry trip.

In the Village of Arroyo Grande there is a magical place known as The Éclair Bakery. I think the very air in the shop is calorie-laden; the display cases provide visual treats, and the smells…the smells are scrumptious.

WARNING: You will find no vegetables in this shop. None. Only sweet deliciousness!

Needing breakfast, we chose both cherry and apple strudel, as well as cranberry and chocolate chip scones. And then, thinking ahead to tonight’s dinner dessert, we selected four of the shop’s namesake treats: Chocolate eclairs. Mom used to make eclairs and cream puffs for special occasions that were absolutely delicious. The eclairs at The Éclair Bakery come as close as I have ever found to tasting like the ones Mom made.

So after a lovely spaghetti dinner, we had chocolate eclairs for dessert. A fitting end for a wonderful, family-filled day.