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Last night as I sleepily finished my blog post and hit “publish”, I was slightly amazed to see the note “You have just published your 100th post”. This adventure known as Trigger’s Horse started out quietly and then tapered off…until the November NaBloPoMo challenge woke me up and got me moving.

Many teachers celebrate the 100th day of school with their classes, and I would love to celebrate this day with you, all 833 of you (isn’t it grand?).

So here are some of today’s reasons to celebrate. I’m sure you will have some of your own, as well: 1) 100 blog posts at Triggershorse.wordpress.com 2) 833 amazing followers 3) Another fun- and friendship-filled meeting of the Cuesta Doll & Study Club today 4) Hanging out with Daddy, Donnie, and best of all, Melody for another day 5) Sunshine and ocean breezes 6) Chocolate, lots of chocolate 7) Looking forward to seeing Lily and Olivia again tomorrow.

If you are in the mood, leave me a comment and tell me why you are celebrating today. Party on, Garth!