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Yesterday’s post about “home” seemed to touch many of you. Thank you for your comments and the little bits of your history you shared with me — I love it when my monologue becomes a conversation. Tonight I am celebrating the other side of home: Home is where the heart is. And my heart, more than anywhere else, is here in Visalia with my granddaughters.

Knowing they are sleeping in the next room, hearing them rustling around in their dreams, brings my heart solidly home, and I am so blessed.

I have had the luxury for this past week of living the Great Sister Adventure with Melody, and I will miss her so when she leaves tomorrow. But she, too, is feeling the pull of home, and is ready to reunite with her husband and son on the other side of the United States from California.

My wish for you, gentle readers, is that your heart may find you at home this night, and bring you peace.