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We spent this evening watching the incredible spectacle of the Winter Olympics’ Opening Ceremony. We tried to explain the Olympic tradition to the girls in a way they would understand, so that they could relate to why some of the athletes were crying as they entered the arena behind the flags of their respective countries. We talked about dreams and hard work and hope and passion.

I must admit that I prefer the Winter games over the Summer ones, probably because the figure skating is my very favorite — except for the ski jumping that looks like flying, or the bobsledding that leaves me breathless, or the speed skating, or the hockey…and this year the WOMEN are getting to play hockey, too!

I will watch a lot more television over this next two weeks, and the girls’ cartoons will have to take a back seat. We will share the victories and heartaches of the world’s citizen athletes, and be reminded once again that people share the same hopes and dreams, no matter what country’s uniform they wear.

Blessings on these young athletes and the dreams they follow. May they represent themselves and their countries with grace and courage as they dig deep within themselves to perform better than they could even imagine.