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As I sat watching the medal ceremony for the slopestyle snowboarders through tears, my first thought was, “Oh, Sage’s mother must be SO proud!” Not thinking first about how adorable he was, this handsome American male, but how proud his mother must be. I guess I really am getting old!

I am so grateful for the DVR that is set to automatically record (I keep saying “tape” and Lily doesn’t know what I mean) all the Olympic broadcasts. That means I will be able to watch our U.S. women’s ice hockey game that was aired at 3:00 a.m. at a more reasonable and convenient time, as well as re-watching towards the end of the Opening Ceremonies when the Olympic torch was lit (yes, I was catnapping at the time).

And how incredible is it that two sisters would finish 1-2 in their skiing event? Or that our 3rd place finisher was so devastated by coming in third? And that precious Russian 15-year old figure skater. She just might be my favorite so far.

Who is your favorite? Which event practically stops your heart? How do you get anything accomplished during the Olympic broadcasts?