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Today has been such a good day that my thoughts are skittering all over the place. Church this morning was amazing, thanks to a great sermon from our priest and wonderful music from our chimes musicians. Playing the chimes is very satisfying, and it really seems to add to the spirituality of the morning. Even Miss I-woke-up-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-bed ended up having a nice morning.

And this evening’s Mediterranean Cruise Night and Dinner, with one of our congregation giving his “ports of call” lecture accompanied by food with a Mediterranean flair, packed the Little House. I have always said I would watch anyone’s home movies, and these were marvelous! Thank you, Eric Ball, for broadening my horizons.

I came home from dinner tonight to an empty house…what a weird feeling it is to have no idea where the other four family members have gone, or when they are coming back. Ultimately I simply enjoyed the time…I seldom get time home alone, so I relished it (at least for the first few minutes). But I was excited when the girls came in the front door. My time of solitude was over.

So now I am heading back to the television set and the Winter Olympics. Focus personified, and amazing feats of skill and bravery. Tomorrow is a school holiday and we will all be home.

But for now…sweet dreams, Olympic dreamers.