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From last night’s bedtime where I consciously turned OFF my alarm to just now when I woke up from napping my way through the Olympics telecast, today has been a bonus day.

Even though I am retired, as the chauffeur Grammy for my two girls I am usually pretty busy getting them to and from school, dance, and church. But basketball was cancelled because of the Presidents’ Day holiday, and we amazingly had nothing else scheduled. What a blissful Saturday!

I spent literally hours on the couch sorting, pricing, and cataloging box after box of miniatures from Mom’s collection, getting ready for next weekend’s miniature show and sale. The household activities ebbed and flowed around me, but all the adults were home, so I had no real responsibilities.

I remember when my Daddy retired nearly 30 years ago, and he said the thing that surprised him the most was that he was so busy after retirement that he didn’t know how he had found time to go to work each day. My experience has been similar, because in retirement I have given myself the gifts of devoting time to my church and my hobbies, as well as my family. As someone who is very interested in her community and the world, it is so easy for me to over-schedule myself. So days like today are particularly dear.

Tomorrow we will be up early and back in the car again, starting the day with our church family. And Monday we have a much-anticipated visit to dear relatives an hour away…and back to school again on Tuesday.

Whatever your Sunday brings, I hope it is filled with peace and joy. Sweet dreams.