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When I was a young girl my heroine was Louisa May Alcott, because of the amazingly real stories she wrote about the March sisters and their family’s adventures. I wanted an attic corner with a cozy couch where I could write my stories without interruption, and maybe even make a bit of money along the way. My admiration for Louisa grew as I learned more about her real family and how her hard-working mother (the inspiration for Marmee) spent her life trying to support them while her father tried out his various utopian schemes and thought “lofty thoughts” with his similarly minded utopian dreamer friends. Louisa’s writings, especially her “pot-boilers” written under a pseudonym, also helped keep a roof over the Alcott family’s heads.

I dabbled a bit with writing along the way, collecting more than a few rejection slips for my poetry, and serving as the newsletter editor for every non-profit I ever joined. My writing career was seemingly going nowhere.

And then a few years back I discovered blogging. Not that I ever thought I would do it, really, but I watched and thought and thought and watched, and finally tried my hand.

Trigger’s Horse came into being as a vehicle to share my “random musings” with whatever friends and family were kind enough to read them. I have been stunned and humbled every morning to read email notifications of new followers, and am developing lovely online relationships with some of them. By tomorrow morning Trigger’s Horse will probably top 900 followers, a number which leaves me breathless!

And my new baby, Photo Fun With Fawn, which debuted yesterday, has two whole followers today. I am so tickled! One is a Trigger’s Horse follower who jumped over to take a look, and the other is a total stranger. I won’t be posting daily there, but am shooting for three or four times per week.

So as far as dreams go, this one has sneaked up on me in many ways. And as dreams so often do, it has enriched my life in many unanticipated directions. And in doing so it has legitimized my love of words and the thrill of seeing them in print.

I have often heard people ask, “Well, if your dream comes true, then what will you do?” My answer today is, “I will just continue living in this dream, and seeing where it will take me.” Dreams don’t go away when you achieve them. They grow and expand and refine.

I hope you will stick around and dream with me.