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The car is packed, the miniatures are sorted and priced (at least a gazillion of them), and I’m five minutes away from hitting the road. Today’s destination: The annual Doll House and Miniature Show and sale in Morro Bay, California. We can start setting up our booths at 2:00 p.m., and with as many teeny, tiny things that need unpacking it will take all afternoon. The sale will run all day Saturday and until 3:00 on Sunday — at the Morro Bay Community Center. If you are in the neighborhood, come see it!

Once again this will be a bittersweet sale for me. So many of these things were Mom’s, and although they are very dear, I just can’t keep everything. So as I have been pricing and sorting them, I have been visiting, too — remembering how much fun she had collecting them, and imagining them settling in happily to someone else’s dollhouse or shelf.

The bonus, of course, is that Daddy will be with me at the sale tomorrow. I treasure the time we have together, even though it will be a very long day for him, with too much sitting around in one place and too much coffee. And with every sale, a little bit of his house will be cleared and he will gain precious breathing room.

I’m taking tomorrow off for the sale, so Lucinda and Melody, please don’t wait up for a Saturday night post from me. You’ll get a full report Sunday night.