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The motto of the National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts (N.A.M.E.) is “Only through sharing can we truly enjoy our treasures.” This weekend’s Dollhouse and Miniatures Show and Sale embodied that motto from beginning to end.

I reached Morro Bay on Friday nearly an hour before set-up time, and spent some quiet time outside on a bench with my novel. Once inside, a group of us spanning the miles from Oregon to San Diego chatted, shared upcoming show information, and started new friendships. My table location was lovely, with sweet ladies at each adjoining booth. We chatted and checked out each other’s merchandise in between customers, gave each other bathroom breaks, and swapped stories of when and where particular items were discovered.

There was a steady stream of customers across both days, and business was brisk. My merchandise — a blend of Mom’s miniatures and mine — was kind of quirky compared to things in other booths. Nothing was new, but it was charming — or downright spectacular. And I had such fun sharing the R. Bliss furniture (ca. 1915), the teeny Humpty-Dumpty Circus in the manner of Schoenhut, and the entire box of matching wooden doll furniture with anyone who would look and/or listen!

I shared Mom with the customers, too — showing the little china babies with legs or arms missing, all the little critters that needed love.

And the icing on the cake was that people were actually buying! I did very well, and I’m glad that Mom’s playthings went to good homes. Donnie drove over after yard sailing on Saturday, and my BFF and her intended came from Hanford, after seeing pictures on her phone and “shopping” via text message. Gotta’ love technology!

My last thrill of the day was selling the Humpty-Dumpty Circus to a young woman who had a table at the sale…a third-generation miniaturist who was there with her mother and grandmother. I’m not sure which one of us was more excited about her purchase!

I’m back in Visalia, ready to re-start the weekly grandmother routine…it felt very good to hug my granddaughters for a few minutes tonight.