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Some of you may remember an old bumper sticker that asked the age-old question: “If a woman’s place is in the home, why am I always in the car?” That certainly rings true for me these days. Today I will be traveling with my Close to My Heart director to a “Rediscover Close to My Heart” event in Sacramento. I am really excited about our trip, as it will be my first direct exposure to the Corporate side of this new venture of mine.

The event will foster and nourish what makes a direct-sales company thrive: the relationships between the Independent Consultants, the corporation itself, and — of course — the customers. I plan to take full advantage of the three-hour drive to pepper my leader with questions about how to effectively run the business, as well as tips on how to make my blog a fun and informative place to go. Then dinner out (at The Elephant Bar, how fun!) with more of the Roxybond’s team, followed by three hours of training, crafting instruction, and inspiration.

I’m hoping that it rains most of the day and then stops in the evening, so that our trip home is easier. But I know how badly we need the rain, so I can’t be too particular! Check back here on Saturday night for a progress report — on both the meeting and the rainfall.