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I promised an update to my adventure to Sacramento for “Rediscovering Close To My Heart”, so here goes.

First on the docket was the rain. I’ll admit to being more than a bit nervous about traveling up Highway 99 to Sacramento with all the rain forecasts. But the elements were on our side. I ran into light drizzle on my way to Madera, which turned into some pretty wild weather for just a few minutes and faded away. The rain got heavy for just a bit north of Stockton, but waited until we hit Sacramento to get worse. I made an ironic discovery in Sacramento as we started to go from the car to the Elephant Bar in the rain: I took my down coat specifically so that I would have a hood to wear in the rain, only to remember as I was putting it on that I had unzipped the hood back in the fall (when it was dry) because it got in my way! Oh, well.

It rained cats and dogs the entire three hours of our meeting, and then stopped but for an occasional sprinkle on the way home. As I was turning into our neighborhood (after 1:00 a.m.), the wind was picking up and the raindrops starting to splatter, but that was all.

The “Rediscovering Close To My Heart” event was inspiring, educational, and above all, FUN! Our presenter/teacher/inspirer was one of CTMH’s vice presidents, Kristine Widfelt, and I recognized her right away from the training videos I’ve been watching on the company website and YouTube. She was charming, funny, and very knowledgeable as she shared family stories along with her training examples. I won some extra goodies for accepting a challenge and being the newest consultant in the room…I’ll talk more about that on Photo Fun With Fawn tomorrow.

I came away energized and enthusiastic about this company and my place in the overall scheme of things. I look forward to learning new techniques and skills, and passing them on to my friends who have become customers, and my customers who have become friends. Seeing the other consultants’ eyes sparkle as they talked about Convention at Disneyland in three months made me even more excited than I already was.

What a wonderful day! And a wonderful way to “rediscover” my new career.