Photo Fun With Fawn

Tonight I am holding in my hands two letters, written a day apart over fifty years ago.  The first one caught my eye because it is in Daddy’s handwriting, and he doesn’t write many letters.  The second, written the day after, was from Mom, a very prolific letter writer.  Each was a note of condolence to my Great-Aunt Evelina, whose husband had just died.  Each was such a perfect reflection of its writer, and I know they provided great comfort to my aunt.

What makes these letters special to me is how they evoke memories of all four of these people who held very precious places in my heart.  Daddy’s was a very straightforward statement of faith:  “There’s a definite reason why things have to happen this way, but as long as we’re here on this earth, we are not meant to understand.  Berry was never very strong on church-type…

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