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I have been thinking about the GPS question I posed to myself yesterday (Gifts, Passion, Spirit), and it is difficult to explain without sounding very egocentric. But since only I can answer the question for myself from my heart, I guess egocentric is okay.

My gifts are people-oriented, for the most part. I love people and want to find the good in everyone. I assume you are a good-hearted, honest person until you show me otherwise. (Not everyone would find this to be a gift; some would call it a weakness, I suppose.) And because I love people and approach them in a positive manner, most people respond to me in the same manner. I have the gift of story…and am enjoying my writing, journaling, and scrapbooking more each day. And I have the gift of friendship. If the best way to have a friend is to be one, I am many times blessed. You know who you are, and I thank God for you.

My passion follows fairly close to my gifts. I am passionate about story-telling, family history, and connecting the generations through shared understanding. I am passionate about my family…both birth family and “found through friendship” family. I am so blessed to have a very tight nuclear family and a loving extended family, and to be living day-to-day with my granddaughters.

My spirit is the hardest one for me to nail down. My belief in a loving and compassionate God is central to this, along with the knowledge that we were made in her/his image. Love is central to my being; I don’t think we can limit love by sex or gender labels, as love is inherently limitless. As a loving being, my spirit seeks to share loving acceptance with those around us, whether alike or amazingly different.

In the same way that the GPS in my phone helps keep me headed in the right direction, so does my personal GPS. Paying attention to all three aspects keeps me grounded and authentic…which definitely heads me in the right life direction.

If you know me and find this off-kilter, or perhaps not the “me” that you know…tell me. What do you think? And if you are reading this and willing to share your own personal GPS, share that in the comments, as well.