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I have often dreamed of moving to Hawaii full-time, growing tropical fruits and vegetables in my garden by the sea, and falling to sleep each night to the sounds of the waves against the shore. On some level I would love returning to Tucson to live, surrounded by cacti and creatures, smelling that incredible aroma of rain falling on the desert. And, of course, if I could move back to the central coast of California, I would be packing rather than typing!

That said, my discovery when I came home from Target this morning is part of why I live here in the central valley, especially in the winter. As I brought my packages into the house, I heard a sound from the back yard and looked out the window to see both my granddaughters playing outside…in their swimsuits! Now granted, I wouldn’t call this swimsuit weather, but they were having a blast playing in the dirt and on the swing set.

In Lahaina today they are expecting 81 degrees, in Tucson 72, and Arroyo Grande should hit 75. All lovely temperatures for a winter’s day…and we are here, in the mid-70s, feeling sorry for anyone in cold or snow. And tomorrow’s adventure includes Knott’s Berry Farm…but that will be for another story.