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What a whirlwind day we had today! We headed to Hollywood mid-morning, and played tourist to the hilt. The girls were entranced by watching the red carpet go down in front of the El Capitan Theater for tonight’s premier of the new Muppet movie. And they had a wonderful time stepping in the footprints of the stars in front of Graumann’s Chinese Theater (I was last there when I was in third grade).

Olivia was less than enchanted by her encounter with the Michael Jackson impersonator in front of Madame Tussand’s Wax Museum…even though he was quite charming to her, she was mostly scared. Lily had her picture taken with him holding an Oscar, however. We had random superhero sightings throughout the morning, and lots of “look at that”. Truly a fun time.

After cruising through Beverly Hills and looking at houses, we had time for a trip to the Santa Monica Pier and some ocean air. We let the girls play at the Muscle Beach playground before heading back to Studio City by the scenic route. After hanging out for awhile longer to let the traffic thin out, we were back on the road to Visalia.

Pictures (and some Knott’s Berry Farm adventures) to follow tomorrow.