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About sixty years ago a little girl went on an adventure with her parents. They visited a working farm in a town called Buena Park, a farm that grew wonderful berries and made them into even more wonderful jams, jellies, and syrups. There was a ghost town there, too, that recreated scenes from California’s not-so-long-ago past. But the most magical thing was the carousel, because it not only had horses, but zebras, ostriches, lions, roosters, and all sorts of exotic creatures.

Over the years, the town called Buena Park grew older and melded with the surrounding communities. The working berry farm grew more and more famous, and added carnival rides for children of all ages, restaurants, more old Western buildings and artifacts, and had less and less room for growing berries. The carousel remained, though, along with too many roller coasters to count and a special section, Camp Snoopy, for younger children.
Heading into Knotts

On Monday this little girl (sixty years older, of course) returned to Knott’s Berry Farm with her daughter, granddaughters, and a special friend. The weather was perfect…not too cool, not too warm…the lines were short, and the adventures were many. Granddaughter #1 rode her first roller coaster early in the day (and loved it so much she went back at day’s end), and added four more to her repertoire throughout the day. Granddaughter #2 rode her first carousel with her Grammy, and then also her first roller coaster (she was not thrilled by the roller coaster), and later her first water coaster. She LOVED the carousel. They both “drove” race cars in Camp Snoopy, and watched while Mom and her friend rode the BIG SCARY old wooden roller coaster.

Olivias first carousel rideOver in the ghost town, they discovered rifles, branding irons, and an amazing collection of fossils. The one-room school-house was so different from their own classrooms; the teacher there told them how school was “in the olden days” when students could be spanked if they didn’t follow the rules. They watched glass blowers and a wonderful Native American dancer.

Lily and her race car
And throughout the entire day, they laughed and danced and loved being together having new experiences.

Discovering fossils at Knotts
As the day was ending, they visited with Snoopy and his friends, and assured them they would return soon. No sixty-year waits between visits for these girls, no way!