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After yesterday’s melancholy anniversary, today was all sunshine and busyness. A group of dedicated scrapbookers are getting together for National Scrapbook Day tomorrow, and I spent today getting ready for my part of the occasion.

A fair question might be, “How can one woman have so many scrapbooking and storytelling supplies?” And a fair answer might be, “They weren’t all for me. I bought merchandise so my customers could get immediate gratification, instead of having to order from the company and wait for delivery.” Of course, another very legitimate answer might be, “My eyes were bigger than my scrapbooks!”

Truly these were (mostly) beautiful products. And I have made wonderful albums from them. But life is too short and I have too much product from my old (now extinct) company. I need to make room for NEW STUFF…from my new company!

So at our NSD event tomorrow I will have table after table spread with an (I hope) intoxicating array of papers, albums, tools, pens…you name it…to share with the other ladies there. Our shared dinner will be a soup bar, with selections to satisfy the most indulged taste buds. And there is a big batch of my mother-in-law’s delicious fudge waiting to be nibbled, too.

And when it is time to pack up and go home, I hope to be able to return with fewer boxes than I had when I arrived. And a tidy little sum in my pocket. I think they call this “progress”.