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What do you call a large room filled with twenty or so women surrounded by stacks and containers filled with beautiful papers, embellishments, albums, and — oh, yes — tons of photographs? And if these women are smiling and laughing, sharing photos, trims, techniques, stories and products, they are probably scrapbooking. And food…how could I forget about the food?

Our National Scrapbook Day celebration today in Tulare was great fun, and very soul-satisfying. I was talking with a couple of my customers about it this evening, and we agreed: ours is a relationship business, and grumpy, negative scrapbookers are few and far between. The people who believe in giving the gift of family stories are usually optimistic about the future…they understand the past and how each generation can build upon what the previous generation taught and learned about life.

I’m happy to report that quite a bit of my old stock went home with others today, leaving me some breathing room and a renewed sense that quality is important to most scrapbookers — especially when it is on sale!

And there was fudge left…and I brought it home with me!