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I can’t remember the last day I had nothing to do. Nothing, at least, that really had to be done. Since there was absolutely nothing on my calendar for today, I did make an appointment to get my Jeep detailed, but that was all. So I spent the first three hours waiting around for my car to emerge beautifully clean inside and out, and then the entire day stretched before me.

The sun was shining warmly…not too hot, not too cold, but just right for working in the garden. In went the Lobelia plants by the front walkway, in and amongst the pansies planted a week ago, and the iris that bloomed for the first time today. And even though the back vegetable garden hasn’t been properly prepared, I planted the July Fourth tomato plant up to the second set of leaves in its own cage, so I wouldn’t get preoccupied and let it die.Iris

The rest of the day passed in delicious laziness. No laundry, no housework, just lots of reading and more than a few games on the computer.

It was delightful!