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Visalians came through again today for the hungry in their community and the larger world by participating in the CROP Walk to End World Hunger. An ecumenical walk sponsored by Church World Service, the CROP Walk is a symbolic representation of the efforts needed by much of the world in order to procure their food each day.

Stretching a little over four miles, the long route of the walk passes through some of Visalia’s poorer neighborhoods and by Visalia Emergency Aid’s office and food pantry. Sandy Beals, Director of Tulare FoodLink was also there to offer thanks for the walkers’ efforts on behalf of our county’s poor.

It is so easy to forget that here, in the midst of the nation’s richest agricultural area, there are so many for whom hunger is a daily struggle. The annual CROP Walk serves as a poignant reminder, as well as a way for us to do something positive to aid our neighbors. My congratulations and thanks to those who organized this year’s walk, as well as to the church congregations who took part.