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The back vegetable garden is beginning to take shape. After taking Lily to school this morning, I spent some time with the shovel and the dog, digging and leveling the garden bed. (I dug, Chance supervised.) Because of the gentle rain we had a couple of days ago, the soil was easy to dig but not soggy — just right! Olivia slept in, so I had no responsibilities at all in the house, and I was free to enjoy the glorious morning.

(I feel almost guilty about the weather we have here in California…until I remember that the mid-Westerners and East Coasters could come here if they really wanted to. And yes, I know we have earthquakes; in fact, there was one about an hour ago. But no matter.)

My little apricot tree doesn’t look like it has grown much since last spring; poor little guy had a rough start in life, needing to be moved in the middle of the growing season when he was a youngster. I am hopeful that he will thrive this year. I’m pretty sure there won’t be any apricots, however.

The Rose of Sharon next to the vegetable bed that froze last winter and looked so horrible all year has finally recovered, and is green and lovely. I’m looking forward to beautiful blooms this summer. The lemon tree, too, is starting to leaf out again after being frozen last December. I was afraid we were going to lose it completely, but it pulled through.

The lilac bush next to the clothesline has been blooming its heart out for weeks. Hanging out the clothes is wonderful, because it smells so delicious! Simple pleasures.

With March coming to an end, I know I’m behind in my planting tasks, but I’ve decided not to stress about it. The veggies will get planted when they get planted, and if that means we don’t eat fresh squash for an extra week or two, so be it. When we do, they will have been worth the wait.

Happy gardening!