Our friendly on-line dictionary defines “bothersome (adjective)” as “causing bother, irritating, exasperating. Each of those synonyms seem rather wishy-washy. On the “Olivia” cartoon show (watched regularly around our house), big sister pig Olivia talks about having a “little brother and a little bother”. Neither are welcome.

So I started thinking about things that bother me. None of them are earth-shattering, but they are definitely annoying. Offending actions include:

People (of either sex) who don’t lower the toilet lid when finished using the toilet. Especially when the view from the entry way is right down the hallway into the bathroom. (Not flushing said toilet fits here, too.)

Idiot parents who continue to make illegal u-turns in the street in front of the elementary school, crossing a double yellow line and four lanes of traffic to do so.

Shoppers who unload their shopping cart and then leave it smack dab in the middle of the parking place next to theirs. For heavens sake, return the cart!

Little yappy neighbor dogs that bark the minute I venture out into my back yard and don’t shut up until I return inside, disgusted, irritated, and exasperated!

Weeds that grow faster than the plants I so carefully installed into the ground.

People who routinely mis-use your/you’re, it’s/its/, to/too/two, and say, “I seen it.” rather than “I saw it.”

Missing just a tiny (but obviously integral) step in copying blog badges, and not being able to figure out the answer.

That will do for now. What bothers you?