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D was the only letter I was wishy-washy about when making my A-Z Challenge list. Perhaps that is because both delightful and delicious go so beautifully together, as in “delightfully delicious”! But it is Friday afternoon and I’m feeling very lazy, so this post will be short, and delicious is my word of choice.

Merriam-Webster.com defines “delicious” as being “very pleasant to taste” or “having a smell that suggests a very pleasant taste”. I really like that second definition, as so often smell is firmly wedded to how things ultimately taste.

One of my earliest posts was I Love Bread, where I waxed eloquent about the delightful deliciousness of home-baked bread. Last night late I had an extreme case of the munchies, and after finishing off the last of the ice cream in the freezer, I turned my hand to baking bread. I cheated a bit this time, because I used a boxed kit and no-rise yeast, but in less than an hour from start to finish I had a beautiful round loaf of delicious wheat bread. And the smell that wafted down the hall to my bedroom to tease me while I wrote yesterday’s post…it most definitely promised a “very pleasant taste”, and it delivered. Hot out of the oven, accompanied by a cup of Mango Ceylon tea…delicious!

And the delight followed, as my daughter followed her nose into the kitchen and asked, “Is this bread for eating now?” and cut herself a thick slice. I am not a cook by any means, but I do fine with bread and baked goodies, and I love fixing them for my family. (And by the way, last night’s loaf is almost gone; we have been munching on it all day!)