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Google defines “eccentric” as (of a person or their behavior) “unconventional and slightly strange”. I love that definition — and I love the thought that as I age, I am coming closer and closer to being eccentric! Conventional (or doing what everyone else is doing) has always seemed more than a bit boring. I would much rather be unique, possibly even weird!

If you had your ‘druthers, as Mom would say, who would you rather hang out with: the grandmother who does everything by the book and expects her grandchildren to be seen and not heard, or the grandmother who is rather wacky and makes daily tasks an adventure? The one who makes sure the house is spotlessly clean, or the one who loves going to tea parties in the middle of the living room rug?

One of the next things on my bucket list is starting a new chapter of the Red Hat Society. I already have named it The Vintage Vixens, and we will enjoy the pleasures of becoming eccentric “old ladies” together — each in our unique, weird way. I can hardly wait! (And as a bonus, the founder of a chapter gets to carry the title of Queen. “Queen Fawn”. It has a certain ring to it!