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Wow! It’s my night off! The A – Z Challenge is a “write Monday through Saturday” thing, so “F is for Friendly” has gotten postponed for a day. That’s a good thing, too, as I just woke up from a lovely little catnap seated in front of my computer!

Today was “Pretzel Sunday” at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Visalia. By tradition, instead of Sunday School the children of the congregation and a couple of like-minded adults bake pretzels in the kitchen adjoining the sanctuary. Then the children sell them (for $1.00 each or 4 for $5.00, or whatever the buyer offers. They don’t give change!) As part of the occasion, the children decide where the money raised will go. Today’s baking session included three boys who were new to the tradition and three girls who were old pros, and they came out of the kitchen glowing from a job well done. As part of the announcements at the end of the service, the kids give their sales pitch and tell who will benefit. Today our junior bakers raised nearly $100.00, which will be given to Visalia Emergency Aid along with the First Sunday food collection.

This is such a wonderful tradition on several fronts. The congregation is treated to delicious fresh pretzels for a minimal donation, the bakers experience the sweetness of success by selling out their wares, and their “giving muscles” are exercised, as Dave Ramsey would say.

After church I headed home and continued my vintage lingerie quest. I pulled out pretties from boxes and containers, unearthing most of my vintage outerwear, but the heart of my collection is still playing hard-to-get. There has to be at least one more box hiding in storage…because the 1903 black corset and its newer companions have not yet surfaced.

So tonight my bedroom reflects a visit from “that woman”, as boxes and containers are still spilling open everywhere. I may end up camping on the couch out of sheer laziness. On the upside, I have filled a bag of things to donate to the Visalia Rescue Mission, as well as becoming reacquainted with my wedding gown redesigned for my daughter to wear, the dress I wore in my sister’s wedding, and my favorite Christmas formal.

And now it is time for bed. Sweet dreams.