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The Oxford English Dictionary defines “insightful” as “having or showing an accurate and deep understanding; perceptive”.

I think one of the advantages of advancing age (as I sit here wearing my “Made in 1949…All Original Parts” tee-shirt) is the opportunity to grow in the accuracy and depth of our understanding. Experience is the best teacher in many ways, and I like to think that my insights at nearly 65 are far deeper than they were at 15, or even at 30. But to gain insight requires more than simply bumbling through life “experiencing” things. I think it requires the study of ideas, events, and other insightful people.

A marvelous source of insight for me is our Wednesday morning Bible study at Valhalla. Belonging to this study group is one of my best retirement gifts! I am the new kid on the block here, in only my second year, but the group has been meeting in one form or another for 20+ years. We share the Psalms, read the upcoming Sunday’s lessons, and then — being Episcopalians — explore and question and inquire about everything we have read. There are several people who know far more about the Bible than I, who ask thought-provoking questions and open up new lines of reasoning. (And we eat — boy, do we eat!)

Besides being genuine, our group members are also open and honest. There is no false modesty, no hubris, just fellow travelers working toward a greater understanding…insight…into our own personal brand of faith. It is truly a blessing.