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The Free Online Dictionary defines “jaunty” as 1) having a buoyant or self-confident air; 2) crisp and dapper in appearance. I would like to share two pictures of the man in my life who most epitomized “jauntiness” to me: My grandfather, Frances Carroll Getts (Frank) Buffington.

Grandad Buffington ca 1959 Grandad Buffington 2 ca 1959

It is obvious from the way he carried himself…even barefooted at the beach…that this was a man who knew who he was and where he belonged. I don’t ever remember him being less than impeccably dressed, no matter what the situation. His hat was positioned “just so”, and his shoes were spotlessly shined. (These pictures were both taken in the late 1950’s.)

Grandad Buffington was my mother’s stepfather, although that made absolutely no difference to any of us. He was about as cool as cool could be, because besides being a salesman and house-flipper (long before it was the thing to do), he was a musician with a full drum set and an organ in his living room. None of my friends grandparents had either of those, let alone both! And even more wonderful, the closet in his master bedroom had a shaving sink (where he shaved with a shaving brush, shaving cream, and a razor), the perfect dressing area for the gentleman of the house.

Frank Buffington: Jaunty. Classy. Cool.